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Live webinars

We run two series of webinars. Our ‘My digital journey’ webinar series is a real life case study and interview to provide a practical insight into the benefits and challenges of moving a practice online. Discover tech stacks, strategies, app recommendations and the fruits of running a digital practice.

Discover new apps and how they can help you and your clients in our Tech Insights webinars. Where we talk to three apps from the app eco system and take a deep dive into their products and the impact they have on accountants and small business.

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Our digital based podcasts will provide you with bite size updates on the world of digital accounting, apps and technology. They feature leading accountants from the UK and cover all the key areas of moving online. Each podcast will interview a digital practice owner to understand their vision, execution and the impact technoogy it has had on their clients.

We’ll explore the digital journeys, ups and downs, taking a deep dive into their technology stack and giving you a valuable insight into running a fully automated digital firm. Each podcast is free and can be accessed via our apple podcast channel. Click the link below and we will send you details which will explain how to access the podcasts.

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