We know from speaking to our app partners and practice owners that one of the biggest challenges they face is resistance to change.

You go to these events, take loads of notes, get all inspired by the speakers, only to return to the office and find your team dragging their feet, reluctant to help move things forward as fast as you like.

Getting your team to buy into your ideas for change is invaluable.

If they’re bought in, then they’ll help you to implement new ideas and move your practice forwards faster than before.

If they’re not bought in, then they’l be questioning why they have to do things, slowing progress down for your firm.

Now we might be biased, but we know that one of the best ways to get them to buy in to change, is to bring them to an event like the Digital Accountancy Show.

You can sub ‘The Digital Accountancy Show’ for any other accounting event in that sentence and it’s still just as powerful.

By bringing your team along to the event:

  • They get to listen to what’s being said and interpret it in terms of what it means for them
  • They get to be inspired and motivated by the speakers
  • They understand the reasons and importance for this change

So why should you bring your team along to the Digital Accountancy Show?

Here are 4 key reasons:

1. It’s free to attend

It doesn’t matter whether there’s just one person from your team attending or your entire office, the show is completely free to register and attend.

You only have to cover the cost of your travel for getting there and back.

2. It’s only one day out of the office

The Digital Accountancy Show is only on for one day which means your team only need to take one day out of the office to attend.

Top tip – we recommend that you and your team block some time out in advance for when you return to the office so that you can create an implementation plan.

3. They’ll also leave inspired and motivated and full of ideas 

Ask any business owner and they’ll agree that having an inspired and motivated team is hugely beneficial. Not only that, but they’ll also have their own ideas and ways of looking at solving problems.

The collective brainpower of your team is a lot more than just the brainpower of one…

4. They’ll help you to implement everything afterwards

You can’t do all of this by yourself. You know you can’t. So getting your team on board to help with implementation is invaluable.

It also means that they’ll feel more valued and like they’ve contributed more towards your firm.

Do you want your team to attend the Digital Accountancy Show with you?

Simple give them this link here and they can book their free ticket.

We look forward to welcoming you and your team to the show in March 2020.