Are you still unsure about whether or not the show is right for you?

Want to understand some of the innovative things we’re doing to make the show different to everything else that’s out there right now?

Here are 5 reasons why you should register for the Digital Accountancy Show next March…

1. The Pitch-Off Stage

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer volume of apps out there? Are you unsure exactly what each of them does?

That’s where our Pitch-Off Stage comes in…

This is your opportunity to listen to one of our 46 app partners deliver their 7-minute pitch giving you a high-level overview of their product.

It’s like the X-factor but for accounting tech…

2. Tech Huddles

We know that one of the biggest sources to your learning is your peers.

There are other accountants out there right now using tech in their firms successfully, so why not tap into their knowledge and experience?

With our tech huddles, you can gain insights, share knowledge and network with industry peers. Through the power of collaboration, you can overcome challenges, discover new strategies and share experiences to grow together.

3. Partner Pods

Once you’ve spent some time at our Pitch-off stage or walking around our App Village, you’re probably going to have a few unanswered questions about the different apps available.

Maybe you would prefer some 1:1 time with one of the amazing exhibitors? You can book some time to view their product in a bit more detail in a group format at one of ten partner pods.

4. ‘Matchmaker’ App

We’re not just showcasing the leading accounting tech, we’re also doing it in a high-tech venue using a high-tech app.

Our app, ‘Matchmaker’, powered by machine learning will ask you questions around your current practice set up and working processes and will make recommendations for other delegates to meet, speakers to listen to and exhibitors to see.

How cool is that?

5. App Advisory Hub 

Learning about apps is one thing…

But learning how to implement them AND commercialise them is anoter thing entirely. At the Digital Accountancy Show we’re leaving no stone unturned, which is why we’re hosting an App Advisory Hub.

Delivered by Matt Flanagan and other members of the Appacus Community, this is where you can learn how to implement and monetise your app offering to clients.

Have we convinced you to register? We hope so.

You can book your free tickets for the Digital Accountancy Show on the 26th March 2020 here.